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an ode to Marshalls

When I walk through your doors You make my heart aflutter Your selection of sweets make my knees weak Oh those sales those glorious sales When I see those red clearance stickers my pockets say cha ching Whenever I go I never bring Jan cause all she can say is Marshalls Marshalls Marshalls. Ma'am, would… Continue reading an ode to Marshalls

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Happy New Year

This year we stayed at home.  I mean, lugging 3 kids to a New Years Eve party?  It's too loud, too much drinking, and its late! We threw our own party.  We bought party hats.  We cleaned and cooked.  In the Korean culture at New Years we eat rice cake soup.  We cooked beef short… Continue reading Happy New Year

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When I was 15, I was out shopping with my mom and baby sister.  She was about 6 months old.  A woman approached me and said, "oh that baby is so cute, are you the nanny?"  Bewildered, I said no.  She then looked at my sister, my mom and me.  She said oh and left.… Continue reading You


The Imperfect Christian

Last week, there was a visiting priest at our church.  He said some interesting things that made me question my faith.  He made me question if I had chosen the right religion, not only for myself, but for my family. My entire life I believed in God.  God was a topic spoken about often in… Continue reading The Imperfect Christian

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Parallel Lives

My life compared to my kids lives are so very different. I grew up in the city with one parent. Us kids slept on the pull out sofa. My children have both their parents. They each have their own room. We have a mortgage. We live a suburban life. I feel I am an outsider… Continue reading Parallel Lives


San Francisco

For spring break we went to San Francisco. What an experience! We did all the tourist things.  We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, San Francisco Zoo, The Palace of Fine Arts, and Fishermans Wharf. Golden Gate Bridge We drove over the bridge with our rented car.  The toll is 10 dollars. There is… Continue reading San Francisco

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This weekend was my 5 year old’s first soccer game.  I was so excited for her. This family is all about soccer.  Her father played soccer, her oldest sister plays soccer, so naturally she would too. As she was playing, all I kept seeing were her mistakes. After her game, her coach approached me and… Continue reading Goalkeeper

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The Boy

Mommy, there is someone in my room. Where? At the window? (peering out the window) I don't see anyone baby.  Are you sure you saw someone?  Yes, I saw a boy.  A boy? Three months before I conceived my 2nd child, I suffered a miscarriage.  I went in for bleeding and had an ultrasound.  There… Continue reading The Boy